The Sonder Podcast with Kirsten Haglund

That moment you realize each random passerby is living a life as crazy and complex as your own. Inspired by a writer who coined the phrase 'Sonder' to define that feeling, Miss America 2008's 'The Sonder Podcast' seeks to uncover as many of those inspiring and incredible unknown life stories as possible. The Sonder Podcast will feature guests, news, culture, politics and more.
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Mar 22, 2017

Kirsten welcomes Faithwire Senior Editor Billy Hallowell to talk about progressive privilege in the media and the data he's charted in his new book that backs up his assertion. The book is Fault Line: How a Seismic Shift in Culture Is Threatening Free Speech and Shaping the Next Generation. 

Mar 20, 2017

Kirsten welcomes a rock star with a unique and impeccable style all his own.

Zoro is not only a world class musician who has toured around the world with some of the biggest musicians in American history, but he's a man of great faith. One of seven siblings and raised by a single mom in Los Angeles, Zoro had a tough childhood in which they moved dozens of times. It's an amazing life story with many layers to it, and Kirsten explores them during this episode.

Zoro now spends most of his time ministering to young men, church leaders and more. He has a lot of wisdom to offer, and shares plenty of sound thinking on faith and life.

Mar 13, 2017

Kirsten welcomes Olivia Caridi, one of the more famous (infamous) contestants from the popular program The Bachelor. 

A former news anchor who was portrayed as a villain by editors, Olivia talks about how that ended up making her the subject of online cyber bullying. Great insight behind the scenes and also an important discussion on a very serious issue that in serious cases can even lead to people taking their own life. 


Mar 6, 2017

Kirsten welcomes one of the women on the frontline battling the issue of body image and eating disorders, Dr. Margaret Nagib. She knew from a very young age she wanted to go into counseling, and now it's become her life mission. 

“Part of God’s destiny for me is to liberate women through the working of His life-changing power and to teach and train professionals to do the same,” she says, while explaining many well-intentioned people make common mistakes. What are the best steps to take when a loved one is struggling with this issue, and what should you absolutely NOT do?

Kirsten and Dr. Nagib cover these topics and much more.