The Sonder Podcast with Kirsten Haglund

That moment you realize each random passerby is living a life as crazy and complex as your own. Inspired by a writer who coined the phrase 'Sonder' to define that feeling, Miss America 2008's 'The Sonder Podcast' seeks to uncover as many of those inspiring and incredible unknown life stories as possible. The Sonder Podcast will feature guests, news, culture, politics and more.
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Nov 29, 2016

Kirsten speaks with GOP strategist Evan Siegfried, author of GOP GPS: How to Find the Millennials and Urban Voters the Republican Party Needs to Survive.


The GOP has largely dismissed the Millennial generation, but they are one of the most crucial voting demographics for remaining politically viable. So what do they need to do to appeal to younger generations - Evan has the roadmap. 

He also discusses his radical transformation from a New York Liberal to a GOP strategist. Download and listen now!

Nov 2, 2016

According to the polls, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the two most unpopular Presidential candidates in modern history. Most people are frustrated by the choice, and feel stuck between the lesser of two evils.

There are other options, however. Former CIA operative Evan McMullin has quietly put himself in position to be the first non-major party candidate to win electoral votes in 48 years. 

Kirsten chats with McMullin VP running mate Mindy Finn, who has been labeled 'Donald Trump's worst nightmare' by the media. Finn talks Trump, Faith, and the final straw that caused her to drop everything going on in her life and run for Vice President.